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Baldridge House

Victorian Cottage—Style House located in Bridgeton's National Register Historic District.

The home was built in 1906 by Dr. Otis L. Baldridge, who operated his medical practice in Bridgeton until 1912. Dr. Baldridge later became a founder of Union Hospital at Terre Haute. Ownership of the home and medical practice passed to Dr. P. R. Bennett, who used the front room of the house for his office until 1930. Later owners were Oscar Cole, Perry Seller, and Mitchell Vogel. Bart and Debra Barnes purchased the home in November 1990, and it served as their private residence until they moved to the adjacent Crooks Manor in November 1999.

Dr. Bennett's former office is now the headquarters of Willow Rose Properties. The rest of the home is the location of The Emporium Antique Shop and the showroom of Bad News' Garage. Fortunately, outside of changes to accommodate modern kitchen and bath facilities, the house remains much as it was when constructed over 100 years ago.

The surrounding grounds are an idyllic setting for vendor booths during the Covered Bridge Festival.  The complex features a "park-like" atmosphere,  featuring sidewalks and driveways leading to the Carriage House and the adjoining Crooks Manor. Festival visitors will find ample food court seating and several rest areas.


Covered Bridge Festival

The Baldridge House Grounds are available for vendor rental during the Covered Bridge Festival. Click here to see the Baldridge House Grounds Covered Bridge Festival Map

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The Emporium

Baldridge House is also home to The Emporium Antique Shop. The shop is open during most Bridgeton special events. Click here for The Emporium.

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