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Crooks Manor

Italianate Style Home Built 1883

Currently the private residence of Bart and Debra Barnes. Built by Dr. James Crooks, Bridgeton's first physician----constructed from brick made on the premises. The walls are 14 inches thick and the original ornately patterned slate and tern-metal roof is still in place. The iron fence is a portion of the fence which surrounded the old courthouse in Rockville.

Dr. Crooks played a prominent role in Bridgeton history from 1856 until his death in 1908, including manufacture of proprietary medicine, operating a drugstore, and publishing a newspaper. He was a prominent Mason and was instrumental in getting the Masonic lodge organized in Bridgeton. The Lodge building, built by Dr. Crooks in 1869, still exists today. His autobiography tells of extensive travels later in his life---always seeking additional medical and business knowledge. He was one of the true early pioneers and entrepreneurs in this area.

Later owners of Crooks Manor were George B. Crooks, Fred Jackman, Ralph Chezem, Clarence Stiles and Jack Hale. Merrill and Emma Thompson operated it as a guest house from 19871999. Much of the house remains as it was in Dr. Crooks' time.


Covered Bridge Festival

The Crooks Manor Grounds are available for vendor rental during the Covered Bridge Festival. Click here to see the Crooks Manor Covered Bridge Festival Map

The Crooks Manor Grounds is also the home of the Bad News' Garage during the Covered Bridge Festival. Click here to learn more about the Bad News' Garage.

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